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UPFILL Group is your trusted partner in navigating  an ever-changing and challenging global business environment. Our business advisors will collaborate with you to define your organisation's strategy, goals and implementation plan using the latest technology and innovation systems. 

Maximise opportunities.
Minimise risks. 

What exactly is business strategy?
The skill of ensuring that the enterprise's total
worth exceeds the sum of its components.

Corporate strategy's purpose is to communicate
a vision of a great company that is also a great
stock—and to specify the particular steps
required to bring that vision to reality.
Corporate strategy, based on a clear knowledge
of competitive advantage, lays out a multiyear
roadmap for how to effectively exploit
advantage to create profitable development
and strong, sustained value generation. A successful corporate strategy will identify the best company portfolio, prioritize the best development platforms, and develop a finance strategy to turn vision into value.

Corporate strategy, or building value across several enterprises, is more than just pursuing the best returns. It's also important to understand your company's strengths and how they might influence where you spend. A well-choreographed organization with complementary assets and competencies is better positioned to produce consistently greater performance over time.

Strategy is more crucial than ever in this age of change. We provide innovative solutions that have assisted hundreds of businesses across all regions and industries in developing and implementing successful strategies. For nearly five decades, we've been a strategy thought leader, bringing unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every engagement, augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners who provide specialized expertise. We'll assist you in mobilizing for change, navigating uncertainty, and flexing as needed to achieve long-term, profitable growth.

The underlying assumptions - excellent value investments for growth, wise resource allocation, portfolio synergies, and performance enhancements - tend to collide with the realities of organizational behavior. As a result, making difficult decisions about where to concentrate one's efforts is just half of the solution. The second element is creating the operational models, systems, processes, and skills that allow you to provide value that goes beyond the sum of the individual businesses.

How we can assist
We assist top executives in determining their corporate goals and which specific companies will enable them to fulfill their strategic objectives while also assisting the company in its overall success. Among other things, we collaborate with you to:

•    Develop a coherent set of objectives and goals for the corporate entity 
•    Understand the drivers of each business unit's current performance 
•    Determine whether the company's share price appropriately reflects the value of all business units and management's plans for them 
•    Identify linkages between different businesses 
•    Define the role of the center 
•    Determine which businesses have the potential to grow • Identify units to turn around, spin out, or sell
•    Find extra methods to profit or increase market share from what your company already performs effectively.
•    Look for acquisitions that can enhance or extend current businesses.
•    Allocate cash strategically among business divisions.

We create data-driven judgments as seasoned business strategy consultants, enabling the facts to speak for themselves. We are in charge of researching market trends that may have an impact on the company's aims and objectives, as well as assisting the organization in adapting to changing conditions. A detailed examination of the business landscape will help in the identification of new markets to enter.

Because corporate strategy involves all aspects of business, it is critical that your whole organization be aligned with the corporate strategy that your firm is pursuing. It gives a portfolio of all business sectors inside a corporation to guarantee they are all coordinated. Among the problems we are tackling are optimizing human capital and understanding the effects that departments might have on one another.

We will be able to guarantee the overall plan is tailorable across the company by distinguishing between business strategy and corporate strategy, which reflects the unified strategy of all business functions and divisions.

Furthermore, we research and assess the competition for any dangers or possibilities, as well as effective expansion strategies to apply and pitfalls to avoid.

Corporate Strategy Consultants' Most In-Demand Services
Discover new markets and devise a strategy to ensure the endurance of your growth.
Strategic Planning 
- Create a plan for your company's short, medium, and long-term success.
Discover your organization's true value drivers via strength identification.
Goal Identification 
- To guarantee implementation, supplement your approach with precise goals.
M&A Strategy 
- Determine and develop your M&A activities' goals, mission, and objectives.
Resource Allocation 
- Ensure that investments are made in the most promising areas of your organization and that risk is dispersed across many income streams.
Why should you hire us?
-Many businesses struggle to establish their corporate identity, strategy, and goals, yet strategic planning is critical to a company's success. Upfill Group may assist in strengthening and refining a company's focus.

                                                                                             Our corporate strategy consultants collaborate                                                                                                       closely with management and the executive team                                                                                                to assess the company's position and market.They                                                                                                define its future challenges and strategies by                                                                                                          conducting a well-defined, measurable Corporate                                                                                                Strategy analysis to propel the business forward.                                                                                                    Often, companies  or CEOs believe they do not                                                                                                      need a corporate strategy advisor because they live                                                                                              and breathe  the business every day and believe                                                                                                    they know it inside and out. Hiring an outside                                                                                                        perspective for something as fundamental as a                                                                                                      corporate strategy may be mistaken for managers failing to do their jobs adequately. Many CEOs share these sentiments.

However, even the greatest managers and seemingly well-functioning firms may benefit from the services of a Corporate Strategy expert. A skilled consultant will provide a firm with perspective and information that it may ingest and incorporate into its own.

Your advantages

We will give the following to your company:
- improved alignment between strategy and resource allocation,
- Increased efficiency via pooled resources and less duplication of effort - Risk reduction through diversification across complementary companies
- A better balance of short- and long-term goals

Here are just a handful of the many benefits of hiring a Corporate Strategy advisor:
An outside perspective: A company's marketing or strategy team is frequently too close to the business or problem to perceive it. What is clear to someone on the outside looking in, they are blind to due to their bias and contaminated perspective. In the decision-making process, an outsider can be independent, unbiased, and objective, and their judgment will not be affected.

Expertise: Our Corporate Strategy consultants have years of expertise as strategic managers in a high-powered, fast-paced company environment. They have had appropriate exposure to top-level management and experience in developing company strategy, as well as exposure to decision-making and putting those choices into effect.

Access to Best Practices: A Corporate Strategy adviser has had exposure to the best practices of other firms and enterprises in order to assist the executive team in developing and implementing the best practices to meet their Corporate Strategy analysis.

Risk Assessment: One of the most significant responsibilities in developing the Corporate Strategy analysis and the needed action to effectively manage the risks is analyzing and detecting any possible strategic threats and assessing them.

What distinguishes Consultport Corporate Strategy Consultants?
Consultport takes pride in the thorough screening procedure that allows us to match you with qualified individuals. Experience, personal interviews, and recommendations are used to choose our expert pool. What does this have to do with you? Hand-picked specialists with extensive knowledge of your requirements.

A corporate strategy consultant can provide you with a brief, actionable, and concrete corporate strategy analysis to help you implement and accomplish your goals.

There are various elements to consider and look for when selecting a corporate strategy adviser. Here's a rundown of the important ones:

Coaching: As a professional, respected, and experienced strategy consultant, he should be able to mentor other team members and show them how to analyze, plan, and implement the Corporate Strategy analysis so that at the end of the consultation period, they will be able to sustain growth and continue to follow the strategy plan and adapt it as needed.

Convincing: A Corporate Strategy adviser must also be highly persuasive in order for the team to embrace their Corporate Strategy analyses, ideas, and recommendations, particularly when there is debate within the team.

Portfolio management expertise: One of the most significant duties of a Corporate Strategy adviser is portfolio management expertise, which ensures that the firm selects the suitable companies to join while effectively balancing current operations. Any Corporate Strategy study will connect those essential business sectors, guaranteeing that the corporation as a whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Creative: Another crucial aspect in a strategy consultant's skill set is the capacity to think creatively and beyond the box, to come up with incisive, thought-provoking ideas from the start. If they appear uninspired, you may need to search elsewhere.

Corporate Strategy consultants must be able to demonstrate experience in organizational design, corporate structure, initiative evaluation, and business unit function while balancing risk and possible return on investment. As a strategist, they will be looking at the structure and basic activities of the company, therefore this is a vital ability.

Again, as a strategy consultant and analyst, they must have a thorough awareness of the business's requirements and resources in order to appropriately allocate them. They must understand resource allocation and the right deployment of people and capital for optimal return. Corporate Strategy consultants use their skills to place the appropriate executives in the right positions.

Issue Solver: Because of the analytical nature of the job, a competent strategy analyst must be a skilled and timely problem solver, as firms frequently confront unexpected and urgent difficulties that require rapid thinking and decision making.

Vision and Understanding the Big Picture: A Corporate Strategy adviser must be able to envision how actions and choices will influence the business and organization in the future, as well as its overall effectiveness. They also need to understand how a small change in protocol in one area would influence another.

Depth and breadth of experience: How much understanding do they have about your industry and business, and at what level did they earn their experience? Someone with Corporate Strategy analytical understanding of your sector and experience dealing with similar strategic difficulties would be the ideal choice. Request a list of former clients, problems handled, actions performed, and outcomes obtained.

As with any employment, you'll want to see
samples of their work and talents, proof that
they can deliver on their promises and meet
your expectations, so ask for instances of past
work they've done, who they worked for,
challenges they addressed, and the results they
obtained. Corporate strategy consultants
contribute knowledge in areas such as
organizational design, resource allocation,
portfolio management, risk assessment, and
opportunity discovery. Finally, the consultant is qualified to steer the company in the proper path and assure long-term success and profitability.

Market for strategy consulting
The market for strategic consulting services was valued at $26.5 billion in 2011. Worldwide growth was sluggish in the years following the crisis, hindered principally by the recuperating US and European economies, which together account for the vast bulk of the global consulting business. The strategy consulting sector began to pick up steam in 2014, with growth rates of 4.7% in 2015 and 5.8% in 2016, bringing the market to slightly over $30 billion in 2016. Strategy consulting accounts for around 12% of the whole industry, making it comparable in scale to HR consulting. The development of the strategy consulting sector is directly linked to general economic growth, with high growth rates documented during periods of prosperity and declining growth rates during downturns

Image by TJ K.

Sustainability at Our Core

UPFILL Group is on a mission to make the enhance the world we live in. We have ambitious sustainability targets which address the challenges of climate change within the industries we operate in. 
We are committed to sustainability in all of our operations. We work to improve our environmental impact at every touchpoint of our business, including our offices, sourcing and delivery. We also ensure that all of our supply partners share our goals. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

We ensure that end-to-end supply chain fully integrates ethical and environmentally responsible practices into a competitive and successful model.

Business Transparency

Gaining the trust of our partners and employees is key to our success, which is why all of our business is conducted with honesty and accountability.

Thriving Communities

We give back to the communities we operate in whether in terms of job generation and environmental preservation.

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