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Corporate Services

UPFILL Group is the trusted partner for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to established businesses. Our team of specialists is here to support you every step of the way from setting up your company to drawing up your strategy and managing your corporate finances. 

Supporting your growth ambitions.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Our value-added services are totally customizable
to meet our clients' specific and particular
demands. With a unique approach to each
project and an uncompromising dedication to
quality and consistency, we have played a critical
role in reshaping businesses throughout the

Upfill provides company creation and
administration in all major countries, as well as
complete advice and support to help enterprises
of all sizes effectively begin commercial activities
in international markets.

Upfill has been involved in the construction and administration of several constructions across the world. We have created a network of offices or agents in all major international financial centers, and we currently deal with skilled and experienced personnel worldwide. In the jurisdictions where we operate, we are licensed to function as a corporate service provider and/or professional trustee.

We also offer ongoing administrative support to customers, allowing them to maximize possibilities and achieve long-term sustainability, ranging from comprehensive back-office solutions to aid with tax and regulatory compliance. Accountancy, human resources, pensions, insurance, trademark and intellectual property protection, getting local licenses and permissions, executive relocation, and professional tax guidance are all part of this service.

Upfill must first grasp your company's requirements, strategy, and ambitions. Upfill offers forward-thinking solutions that are both practical and lawful. We would never advocate a structure that would be ineffective if examined by regulators and tax authorities in overseas markets or your local country.

This webpage is simply meant to provide a broad guide. We would always recommend that potential clients contact their nearest Sovereign office for an initial consultation. This will be provided without charge or obligation. If you decide to proceed, we will offer precise time and cost estimates before doing any work on your behalf.

In an environment where compliance is
becoming increasingly important, our
corporate services team collaborates
closely with other specialist practice areas,
including corporate structuring, to provide
a full-service offering for the establishment
and ongoing administration of entities
(companies and foundations) both
onshore and in free zones.

Our extensive coverage in Morocco,
Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait,
Oman,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE enables us to verify that our customers are in compliance with local regulatory requirements for the proper management of their corporate records.
Why should you use Corporate Services and Upfill?
Because of Upfill's extensive coverage in the Middle East, we are well-positioned to assist customers on how to correctly handle their company records in order to guarantee compliance with local regulatory standards.

Our Corporate Services team is unique in that it is made up of partners that supply their services at low costs and collaborate with Upfill's industry specialists to deliver a comprehensive service solution for every customer.

Dubai Corporate Business Services
In the UAE, there are several corporate business service companies. However, in order to manage your firm in Dubai, you will need the assistance of an expert corporate service provider in Dubai. Upfill is one such company that offers corporate services in Dubai. Depending on the corporate service Dubai package you select, we will handle all of your company's management and administration needs.

If you are a foreigner starting out in the UAE, you will need all the assistance you can get. It is critical to follow the rules and regulations. For example, when maintaining your company's accounts and records, you must adhere to UAE accounting and bookkeeping standards. Because our service provider experts have been working in these specialized fields in the UAE for a long time, they are well-versed in the intricacies of running a business in accordance with Dubai law.

Upfill also handles your workplace needs. If you require office space in the UAE's most prestigious commercial district, we can help. We provide office management solutions, administrative IT assistance, PRO services, business formation services, trademark registration services, and much more.

                                                              As a major corporate services supplier, we offer worldwide                                                               solutions and specialized assistance to guarantee your                                                                       company runs as smoothly as possible. As a market leader,                                                               our experience and skills ensure that you can count on                                                                       Centralis to deliver a strong and customised service for                                                                      entity administration.

                                                              We are committed to providing excellent customer service                                                               and recognize the value of developing long-term                                                                                 connections. We realize that you want more than simply a                                                               service provider, and our team of highly experienced                                                                           specialists can create unique solutions that will surpass                                                                     your expectations. Our team of professionals delivers a full                                                               solution and has an exceptional client service track record,                                                               making us the right partner for your corporate services                                                                     needs.

We provide a full range of corporate services, from the formation of a new business through the execution of financial transactions.We realize that you want more than simply a service provider, and our team of highly experienced specialists can create unique solutions that will surpass your expectations.

Company Formation
• Coordinate the formation of legal corporations 
• Manage the implementation of foreign corporate structures 
• Set up local and international bank accounts, including dealing with all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements

Tax Compliance 
• Prepare company tax returns and tax balances 
• Maintain necessary relationships with local tax authorities • Coordinate with external tax experts as needed

• Prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with local GAAP, US GAAP, or IFRS Corporate Secretarial 
• Provide a registered address for legal entities 
• Organize and manage board meetings (preparation of agendas, notices, and comprehensive board packs) 
• Draft minutes and resolutions arising from board meetings and AGM/EGMs

• Provide adequately trained directors and managers 
• Prepare local regulatory reports (payroll, statistics, tax) 
• Provide approved signatories 
• Manage cash and treasury (settlement and reconciliation) 
• Full portfolio management of financing/leasing/IP/royalty/fund structures

Accounting Internal Control System (ICS) Design and Implementation 
• Create a chart of accounts and detailed reporting schedules; 
• Maintain firm accounts and records; and 
• Tailor management reporting to customer specifications.
• Prepare yearly financial accounts in accordance with local GAAP and IFRS • Provide forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow analysis 
• Assist with local statutory audits and group consolidations 
• Manage day-to-day operations and communicate with third-party suppliers

Payroll and Human Resources Administration 
• Provide comprehensive payroll administration services to employees/Directors 
• Initial set-up and execution of social security and other applicable regulations 
• Manage all regulatory reporting deadlines related to payroll services
• Monthly payroll calculations and secret distribution of payslips to workers 
• Annual salary calculations/returns for each employee 
• Assist with the stages involved in staff recruitment/departure 
• HR audits 
• Employee secondment (full-time, part-time) as needed

Please contact us directly for more information about our Corporate Services.

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Sustainability at Our Core

UPFILL Group is on a mission to make the enhance the world we live in. We have ambitious sustainability targets which address the challenges of climate change within the industries we operate in. 
We are committed to sustainability in all of our operations. We work to improve our environmental impact at every touchpoint of our business, including our offices, sourcing and delivery. We also ensure that all of our supply partners share our goals. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

We ensure that end-to-end supply chain fully integrates ethical and environmentally responsible practices into a competitive and successful model.

Business Transparency

Gaining the trust of our partners and employees is key to our success, which is why all of our business is conducted with honesty and accountability.

Thriving Communities

We give back to the communities we operate in whether in terms of job generation and environmental preservation.

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